Reimagined Opal and Blue Enamel Pendant Locket


Once a Georgian locket in need of restoration, the cover has been artfully reimagined with a magical 34 mm opal filled with a dazzling array of colors. Large flecks of neon green, lilac purple and electric blue are washed with splashes of iridescent yellow, creating a spectacular play-of-color. The opal is encircled by cobalt blue guilloche enamel set with ten glittering rose-cut diamonds, finished with a thin double border of white enamel. On the reverse is a glass covered compartment containing a fine example of Georgian hairwork mounted on a blue enamel ground, framed by tiny lustrous pearls. 


Metal: 15k rose gold and silver

Opal: 34 mm in diameter, approximately 25-30 carats. Please note the opal has some crazing. When viewed from the side, the opal is not a perfect cabochon shape as it dips down a bit below the bail. 

Weight: 28.6 grams

Measurements: 2 1/8" x 1 3/4"

Notes: The blue enamel disk under the hairwork has three thin cracks.