Antique Colombian Emerald, Diamond and Pearl Brooch


I love a piece of jewelry with a story to tell. This stunning brooch was designed to repurpose an antique emerald and diamond ring, likely an heirloom piece. When you view the brooch from the back you can see the ornately hand carved undergallery of the setting as well as where the shank was removed. This exceptional antique brooch has been meticulously hand fabricated in platinum topped 14k white gold. Aglitter with approximately 6.06 carats of sparkling diamonds the brooch centers on a vibrant 2.76 carat Colomban emerald (insignificant oil) punctuated at the compass points by four lustrous pearls. This delightful jewel is accompanied by a gemological report from AGL stating insignificant oil clarity enhancement, Colombian origin.


Measures: 2 3/16" x 1 3/8"

Diamonds: approximately 6.06 carats of old mine cut and rose cut diamonds. Under magnification four of the ten larger old mine cut diamonds have tiny chips near girdle.

Pearls: each between 7.27 - 7.77 mm, not tested

Markings: oak leaf hallmark 14k Netherlands (1906 - 1953)