14K Antique Anchor Brooch - Russian


The anchor is a symbol of hope. In treacherous waters the anchor’s purpose is to hold the ship stable and keep the ship from drifting out of safe waters. When the storm has passed, the anchor is raised and the ship sailing off into the horizon on a new voyage. 

The anchor is a metaphor for many things. For instance, lifting our anchor to begin a new journey. Hope keeps us focused in confusing times to prevent us from drifting away from the new plans and goals that have been made. And most importantly, When we are properly anchored we are able to remain steady during trying and emotional times. Being firmly anchored gives us the ability to have confidence and remain peaceful amidst all the chaos in the world around us.

This exceptional late 19th c Russian anchor brooch is crafted in 14k gold with a softly bloomed finish with shimmering rose cut diamond accents. (14.3 g, 40 x 19.5 mm)