18K Hand Chased Pendant of Cupids - Salve Casa Dei Vettii Pompei


This 18k gold plaque was once a fob that has been reimagined as a pendant. The plaque contains an intricately hand chased scene inspired by a painting of garland production found in the principal hall in the House of the Vettii, Pompeii. Cupid, a young boy and their goat are delivering flowers to cherubs making garlands on an elaborate table. (Please note, the plaque only depicts the right side of the artwork).

This charming hand chased plaque is crafted in gleaming 18k gold, c1850, is a fine example of the craftsmanship found during the early Victorian era. As a fob it was likely something that was purchased as a souvenir on a Grand Tour of Italy. Wealthy families would travel around Europe to experience different cultures and visit various landmarks, acquiring special souvenirs along the way. Incredibly special.

Measurements: plaque 28 x 17 mm, 46 mm from the top of the bail to the bottom of the pendant

Weight: 16.2 grams