Vintage 22k Navratna Nine Gem Enamel Band Ring


This distinctive navratna ring is set with 9 cheerful gemstones, each representing one of the nine celestial Hindu deities and the nine planets, wrapped in vibrant red and green enamel decoration. Crafted in gleaming 22k carat gold, this ring is an unsizable ring size 7.25.

In Hindu astronomy, the nine planets correspond with gemstones called 'Navratna'. These gemstones also represent celestial deities of the Hindu universe.  Often these colorful jewels are worn as a talisman for good luck or to overcome adversity.

Measurements: 5 mm wide

Weight: 32 grams

Gemstones: rose cut diamond, moonstone, topaz, emerald, ruby, garnet, chrysoprase

Notes: minor enamel loss, a small chip can be found on the ruby and topaz under magnification