Antique 15K Bangle Bracelet with Amethyst Intaglio of Hebe


Dating to the late 19th century Great Britain, this lovely Victorian bangle centers on a large oval amethyst cabochon, intaglio carved with Hebe, the goddess of youth and the cup-bearer of the gods. She is depicted pouring ambrosia, the youth renewing drink of the immortals, from an upraised vessel. The intaglio is set in a simple bezel encircled by a torsade border and mounted as the centerpiece of the bangle, embellished with tiny flowers and spaced by granulation work. Expertly rendered in gleaming 15K gold. 6 3/4".

Weight: 26.6 grams

Measurements: 28.5 mm north to south

Intaglio: 26.5 x 21 mm

Markings: “15CT”