Antique 18K French Pocket Watch and Brooch with Bowl of Hygieia

This exceptional 18k bicolor French pendant watch is suspended by a graduated banner, elaborately decorated by a Bowl of Hygieia centered between two twinkling rose-cut diamonds. This banner attaches to a small 1 9/16" brooch that displays the same theme. The cover of the watch is elaborately hand engraved, depicting a wreath with triple looped bow, draped in a floral swag. Although the pendant watch is pristine it will need to be serviced. C 1915-1920.

(27.7 grams, 3 3/4" long x 1 1/8" diameter)


An 18 karat gold chatelaine pendant in the theme of the Bowl of Hygieia (Greek goddess of Health hygiene, a Pharmacy symbol today) with an attached open face, 24-hour dial, pendant/pocket watch, made in France with Swiss movement.

Pendant & Watch: An 18K gold chatelaine with a banner at the apex centering the bowl of Hygieia flanked by two roe cut diamonds. A large ringlet below attaches the banner to two descending chains supporting a central Bowl of Hygieia with a rose cut diamond above and below it. The two chains connect to the oval bow of the pocket watch with serpentine shaped attachments. 

The diameter of the open faced pocket watch is 33/34mm. This is a three-leaf open-face watch with a fluted suppressed ball pendant and oval bow at the twelve. The cover is designed with a central floral wreath and bowed ribbon below, fully surrounded by a vine of roses, while engraved foliage is seen at the periphery of the case cover. There is a cuvette over the movement compartment which carries the case number of 73142 and a French eagle's head marking, indicative of a 18 karat gold. On the inside of the main cover is the same case number with the hallmark of The Society of General Assemblers'. 

Dial: A white enameled dial with Breguet hours (1-12), Arabic second hour chapter ring (13-24) to the inside and a closed minute ring on the periphery, continuous seconds @6, "Continental" steel Spade hands, and the dial unsigned by the maker. 

Movement: There is a gilt three quarter split plate movement, with small finger-bridge and large curved center wheel bridge, exposed ratchet and crown wheels, bimetallic balance wheel and a Swiss-made index regulator marked for faster and slower with French initials. The movement is fully jeweled, most likely 15-17 jewels. Unsigned movement.

Date: Circa 1915-1920s

Weight: 27.7 grams

Condition: The watch is currently not running. It will need to be serviced.