Rock Crystal Intaglio Necklace of Apollo and Daphne


This breathtakingly beautiful necklace is composed of a rock crystal intaglio, masterfully carved by Hans Ulrich Pauly c 2000, depicting the story of unrequited love between Apollo and Daphne. The intaglio is presented in a lacy border, lined with glittering brilliant-cut diamonds and tiny lustrous pearls, complemented by a matching 18 5/8" diamond and pearl chain. Artfully fabricated in platinum, the pendant measures 2 1/4" x 1 3/8" x 5/16" deep.

Weight: 33 grams

Diamonds: estimated 3.93 total carats, G-H range in color, VS clarity

Hans Ulrich Pauly
There is a special quality to the carvings of Hans-Ulrich Pauly. A self-proclaimed Transcendentalist, within each of his carvings is apparent a loving appreciation of the Earth's creations regardless of the subject—plants, animals, people, or free-flowing forms. In his own words "Art is like a religion for me - the Latin word 'religio' means connection with God". Living in Idar-Oberstein, Germany, the "Gemstone Capital of Europe", Hans-Ulrich Pauly has access to the world's finest gem material. Carefully chosen for color and quality, each stone is meticulously formed and engraved to combine dynamic design with the uniqueness of the gemstone itself. Within his workshop one finds a wide variety of precious stone engravings. His art ranges from contemporary cameos and portrait carvings to three-dimensional sculptures that are captivatingly alive through their wonderfully crafted, exacting detail. Along with his work in precious stones, Hans-Ulrich Pauly has developed a reputation as a sculptor of life-size bronzes. Upon a visit to Idar-Oberstein one can see that many of the fountains and town monuments are attributed to him.