Art Nouveau Plique-a-Jour Cockatoo Brooch / Pendant


Masterfully sculpted in 18k gold, a multidimensional cockatoo stands proudly, with its wings spread and crest raised, showing all of us his beautiful plumage. Behind him, glowing like a miniature stained-glass window, is a colorful arched plique-a-jour panel, presented in an exquisite, artfully sculpted naturalistic frame embellished with two textured leaves. This tiny work of art can be worn as both a brooch and pendant. Art Nouveau, circa 1900. (56 x 32 mm high)

 Plique-a-jour, French for "Light of Day", is one of the most challenging of the enameling techniques. Master craftsmen fill vibrant crystalline enamels into delicate unbacked cells then fire them several times. This process allows light to pass through, just like stained-glass.

 Weight: 47.3 grams

 Markings: none