Boxed Set of Three Sapphire Star Brooch / Hair Comb Combination


During the late 19th century, a woman’s hair marked her status and femininity. Upper class women rarely wore their hair down in public so jewelers began to make jewels for women to adorn their hair. As with this boxed set, occasionally the combs would have interchangeable brooch fittings, making them multifunctional. Now you too can dress up your tresses for your next special event with this spectacular set of late 19th century hair combs. Three vibrant multicolored natural sapphire “stars” grace the tips of these elegant 14k combs / brooches. The largest star contains a central vivid bubblegum pink sapphire surrounded by cornflower blue, sunny yellow, grapey purple, milky blue and olive green sapphires. One of the smaller stars contains a lemon yellow sapphire surrounded by four vibrant blue sapphires, the other contains a milky blue sapphire surrounded by hot pink sapphires.

Large star: 38 mm wide, 8 grams (with brooch fitting), (all natural with heat treatment) central pink sapphire approximately 2.30 carat, cornflower blue sapphire .96 carat, yellow sapphire .97 carat, purple sapphire 1.03 carat, milky blue sapphire 1.40 carat, green sapphire .96 carat

Small star with yellow and blue sapphires: 24 mm wide, 3.8 grams (with brooch fitting)

Small star with milky blue and hot pink sapphires: 24.5 mm wide, 3.9 grams (with brooch fitting)

Combs: 14k, 3 3/8” long, 8.2 grams together

Notes: no hallmarks or maker’s marks, box is not stamped