Georgian Cupid's Heart and Arrow Ring


The most ubiquitous symbol of Georgian love was the heart, and still is even today. This romantic Georgian ring centers on a glinting rose-cut diamond heart, struck by Cupid's arrow, and wrapped in a glittering array of tiny rose cut diamonds. Beautifully hand fabricated in burnished silver and 12k gold, this ring is a delicate treasure and not for everyday wear.  Currently a size 5.25


Weight: 3.7 grams

Measurements: 15 mm north to south

Notes: The back of center rose-cut has been secured by a jeweler on the inside of the cigar band. The diamonds are foil backed and and appear silvery. Several have tiny chips. There is a very small gap between the girdle of the main diamond and the bezel where water could get in. Care must be given not to get this ring damp as it will darken the foil further.