Georgian Enamel Locket


Heartbreakingly beautiful, this his sentimental locket portrays a young girl and her dog on a black ground. It appears that she's teaching her dog obedience. There's a treat on the tip of his nose and she is holding a second treat in her right hand. Here, the dog is a symbol of fidelity, unconditional love and loyalty.

Sadly this beautiful locket was likely made for the daughter of Mary Rutherford Prime. She passed away only eight days after giving birth. 

The inscription on the interior edge reads, "Mary Rutherford Prime - Born 16 April 1810 - died 9 Sept 1835". The locket is in excellent condition.

A little history:

Peter Augustus Jay (Mary’s father) was the eldest son of Federalist, politician and American Founding Father, John Jay. He was a graduate of King's College with a degree in law and later established a practice in New York City. His public service record was extensive. Peter served as "President, Society for Manumission of Slaves; President, Board of Kings College, New York Hospital; New York State Assemblyman (active in arranging the financing for Erie Canal); a Westchester County Judge; a founder of the Bank for Savings (thereby establishing New York State savings bank system); private secretary to his father in London for Jay Treaty. President of the New York Historical Society."

Peter Jay married Mary Rutherford Clarkson in 1808. They had eight children, all of which reached adulthood. In 1816, he declined to run for governor of New York, but was elected, as a Federal Republican, to the New York State Assembly, where he supported legislation for the creation of the Erie Canal and for the abolition of slavery.

Measurements: 1 1/16” wide by 1 1/2” long

Weight: 8.1 grams

Metal: 18k gold 

Notes: chain shown is for photo purposes only