Mid-19th C Emerald and Diamond Pendant


This regal mid-19th century pendant centers on a gorgeous green foil backed emerald beautifully collet-set in gold. The emerald is presented in a sparkling frame of antique cushion cut diamonds with 2.20ctw at its cardinal points, and encircled in a halo of twinkling rose cuts diamond mounted in darkened silver. Truly an elegant high-quality antique jewel.

Measurements: 1 3/8" x 1"

Diamonds: 3.86 ctw, four large 2.20ctw , SI1 - SI2 range in clarity, I-J range in color. Inner circle .88ctw SI1 - I1 range in clarity, most I-J range in color with a few L-M range in color, one O-P range in color. Outter circle .69ctw, most SI2 clarity, few I2 clarity, K-L range in color. Bail .09ctw, I2 clarity, L-M range in color.

Emerald: approximately 2.25 ct, small chip on the top right corner

Weight: 14.5 grams