Antique Navaratna Nine-Gem Bracelet


A fine mid-19th C navaratna bracelet composed of 11 square panels composed of gold sheeting over a lac core, each set with foil-backed gemstones. Each of the gemstones represent one of the nine celestial Hindu deities and the nine planets. The interior and sides of the bracelet display remnants of colorful enamel decorations. 

In Hindu astronomy, the nine planets correspond with gemstones called 'Navaratna'. These gemstones also represent celestial deities of the Hindu universe.  Often these colorful jewels are worn as a talisman for good luck or to overcome adversity.

Ruby- Sun (Surya)
Pearl - Moon (Candra)
Emerald - Mercury (Budha)
Diamond - Venus (Shukra)
Yellow sapphire - Jupiter (Brihaspati)
Blue sapphire - Saturn (Shani)
Red coral - Mars (Mangala)
Hessonite - Ascending Node, or Dragon’s Head (Rahu)
Cat's eye - Descending Node, or Dragon’s Tail

Measurements: 6 3/4” long, 1/2” wide

Weight: 32 grams