Vintage Necklace with Opal Sunset and a Diamond Sailboat


This enchanting pendant is likely a mid-century piece with strong Art Nouveau influences. Artfully designed, the frame is a freeform tree with leaves tipped in translucent bubblegum pink and tangerine enamel, sprinkled with tiny sparkling single-cut diamonds. The tree is deeply rooted in rough diamond boulders, and from its roots dangles a lustrous golden pearl. Like watching a glowing sunset from the shoreline, a tiny shimmering sailboat drifts into the horizon on vibrant opal waters. The back of the pendant is filled with a beautifully detailed forest, rendered in 18K yellow gold. This pendant is sold with the 24" textured chain as shown.

Weight: 93.5 mm

Pearl: 14.94 x 7.92 mm

Metal: 18K

Pendant: 3 5/8” long (bail to tip pf the pearl) 1 1/2” wide

Chain: 24”, links 1/8” wide

Markings: none

Notes: It appears that the back of the pendant has been opened and laser welded. There is a thin line that can be seen with the naked eye. Opal has crazing.